Tuning Pegs for Ukulele

Ukuleles are just like any other type of string instrument: they need to be tuned. If you fail to keep it in tune, then you might as well keep it from being played. The reason for this is that the strings need to be adjusted, in order to generate the appropriate notes. If the strings are thick, it might be a bit more difficult for you to fret and tune your ukulele. Some of the vintage ukuleles might be a bit more difficult to tune. The reason for this is that the knobs where the tuning pegs for ukulele come are made from a stiff plastic that breaks easily. However, the newer ukuleles come with larger screws and are made of a better material.

Why Tuning is Important

Certainly, you have seen the different types of instruments that have strings. Perhaps you have listened how a master guitar player can manipulate the strings to create beautiful melodies. Well, the ukulele is no different than the guitar – at least, when it comes to tuning that is. Some people make the mistake of underestimating the ukulele, thinking that it’s “less” of an instrument when compared to a violin or a bass, just because of its size. This is entirely wrong. It’s very important to use the tuning pegs for ukulele because you depend on them to give your instrument the right sound. Playing around with the different voices and depths of the ukulele can be quite fun. In case that you need to change your tuning pegs, you can purchase a set of four on the web.

Different Types of Tuning Pegs

When taking a look at the headstock of your ukulele, you will notice the tuning pegs that stick out. If you have seen and held different ukuleles, you might have seen that the tuning pegs for ukulele can vary from model to model. When the instrument was first created, the tuning pegs that were used were friction pegs. The original ones were made of wood, but as time went by, other types of tuning pegs for ukulele were developed. There are two widely usedadditional tuning pegs, and those are the geared pegs and the modern friction pegs. To make it a bit easier to understand, the friction tuning peg is held in place due to friction and every time it’s turned, the string moves once. The geared tuning peg is the one that generally sticks out (sort of like an ear) and can be open or sealed.

Finding Tuning Pegs for Your Ukulele

Every store that sells ukuleles should also have tuning pegs for them. Nonetheless, in case that they are not available, the best place to shop for your tuning pegs is on the web. Some of the most popular sites that sell tuning pegs for ukuleles are the following:

  • Ukulele World –they carry friction tuning pegs and their prices for a set of four range between $13.50 and $54.95
  • Amazon –if you log on directly to their Musical Instruments department, you will find tuning pegs at excellent prices ($6.89 - $33.77)
  • Stewart-MacDonald –you will find gold and nickel tuning pegs for ukuleles at prices ranging between $12.36 and $18.05



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